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Asset Management allows you to define asset types and asset items, e.g. Laptops, cell phones, etc., and hand them over to employees so that when an employee leaves, there is a clear record of what assets need to be returned. Asset management minimizes administrative costs, minimizing asset losses.
  •  Define different types of assets with all their accessories, properties, etc.
  •  Categories assets based on their type, properties, etc.
  •  Allows admin to manage assets, update asset details, allot asset, change asset status, etc.
  •  View assets history and track asset allocation.
  •  Monitor assets and change their status in case the they get broken/sold/out of repair.
  •  Define asset purchase order details and upload their invoices.
  •  Analyse and download asset reports, asset history and Log .
  •  Allows admin to check-in/check-out any asset to allocate them to any employee.
  •  Return of asset while exiting.