Statutory Filings & Compliances

Regulatory compliances & Tax Management simplified

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Statutory Compliance means you are following the laws on a given issue. All Companies are requires to comply with or adhere to all the Statutory Compliances with in time as per rules and regulations under different laws and taxes.

IBSOL regulatory Compliance services helped the organization to address local and regional requirements.
  • Registration under various Acts (Companies Act, GST, ESCISE, PAN, TAN etc)
  • Direct Tax Compliances :
    Advance Tax, Self Assessment Tax, Withholding Tax (TDS).
  • Indirect Tax Compliances :
    Goods & Service Tax, PF & ESI, Professional Tax.
  • Companies Act Compliances :
    Preparation of Board Minutes, Preparation of Minutes for AGM and EGM, Filing of Annual Returns with ROC, Filing of all other forms with ROC.
  • Take care of Compliances under RBI, FEMA, STPI, SEZ etc.
  • Support of Assessments/Inspections/Notices .